last year i started contributing to pippa jameson interiors blog...i suggest ideas for making and displaying in your home these are the posts that have already gone on the site...

How to create stylish Apothecary Jars

On April 22nd, 2010 by Pippa Jameson.www.pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk/2010/home-accessories/how-to-create-stylish-apothecary-jars/

I’d like introduce our new & talented Craft contributor, Laura Timmons, who will be sharing her clever make ideas in the form of illustrations. Take a look at her first creative suggestion…

I am a big fan of Apothecary jars but unless they are filled with something pretty they can often look a little unimpressive. There are a multitude of things you can put inside in order to create a stylish feature for a room. It could be simple storage items such as bangles, scarves, dried rose heads or fruit. You can create more of a display by planting flowers inside, this will mean having to remove the lid so the plants can get to the fresh air, but it would make a lovely centerpiece for a special event. Another alternative is to display candles inside, fill it full of feathers or opt for corks collected from wine and champagne bottles. Figaandco sell beautiful French style Bon Bon jars, available on their website or through Not on The High Street, Heal’s also sell large glass and acrylic jars.

Feature by Laura Timmons, Craft Editor

Quick craft ideas

On July 29th, 2010 by admin.

With everyone still watching their pennies, we thought we would suggest a few quick and affordable craft ideas for around the home…

Jar Storage
Tie ribbon around an assortment of glass jars and fill with cutlery in the kitchen.

Light-up Bottle
Feed a string of fairy lights into a large glass brewing bottle for an alternative light source.

Art from Anything
Frame antique maps, sheet music, vintage handkerchiefs, poetry, postcards and envelopes.
Floating Bottles
Securely tie the necks of small glass bottles with twine or ribbon, fill with water and cut flowers from around the garden, hang from hooks indoors or off branches in the garden.

Feature by Craft Editor, Laura Timmons

How to make a recycled cake stand

On September 30th, 2010 by Laura Timmons.www.pippajamesoninteriors.co.uk/2010/craft-ideas/how-to-make-a-recycled-cake-stand/

A fun way to use some unwanted crockery and glassware is to make a cake stand. You can use old saucers and plates for the bases and glasses, small candlesticks and vases for the stands in the middle. Make sure everything you are using is clean and dry, mark the centre of your plates and play around with how you’d like your cake stand to look. Mix up some Araldite epoxy to the instructions on the packet and using a cotton bud, apply to the vases/glassware and place in the centre of the plate. I would recommend leaving it to dry overnight, but you can add more levels and create the cake stand of your dreams!

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Laura Timmons is an enthusiastic, hardworking and imaginative Prop Stylist and Maker, with a passion for aesthetics and a fantastic eye for detail. With a background in Set Design for the fashion industry, Laura has extensive experience in Prop Making, Buying and Set Dressing for photo shoots and events. Laura spent two and half years assisting Set Designers Andy Hillman, Anna Burns and Rhea Thierstein, regularly working on shoots for photographers Tim Walker and Miles Aldridge, As well as many high-profile editorial and advertising clients, where she developed invaluable, fast-thinking, problem solving skills. As an experienced professional, she is accustomed to working with specific briefs and to tight deadlines, delivering what the client wants, as well as interpreting the ideas of others and developing creative concepts. In addition to her varied work within Set Design, Laura has excellent drawing skills and a real passion for illustration. Many of her illustrations having been featured on Pippa Jameson's popular interiors blog, as well as being privately commissioned.